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Welcome to Atactic Technologies Inc.   

The Source for Custom Oligo Mixes, long DNA sequences, and Specialty Microarrays

Atactic Technologies Inc. produces and markets molecular products for use in life science research applications. Founded in 2003, we developed a suite of novel technologies to produce oligonucleotide mixes, long DNA sequences, and microfluidic array products containing large numbers of customer defined sequences at a significantly reduced cost than conventional technologies can provide.  We are dedicated to the needs and satisfaction of our customers.  

Innovation, Research and Development of Customized Biochip Products

The scientists and engineers of Atactic Technologies developed platform technologies that encompass a novel chemical approach for multiplexing synthesis, a new class of microfluidic µParafloTM reaction devices, an advanced digital light synthesizer apparatus, and picoliter scale biochemical processes.  The seamless integration of these multidisciplinary technologies give us an competitive edge in parallelization, miniaturization, and automation.  Our products serve the needs of large scale genomic and proteomic experiments.  We offer great flexibility, significant cost-reduction, and low sample consumption in our current products and in the co-development with our customers for novel bioassays based on custom-made molecules and microfluidic µParafloTM chips.


We have the expertise in massive parallel synthesis of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides as well as peptides and peptidomimetics in picoarray microfluidic µParafloTM devices.  The functionalized µParafloTM chips are particular suited for applications where small sample consumption, contamination-free, and performance-reproducibility are primary concerns.  Our first generation of products are custom DNA chips used by our customers for genetic analysis and SNP detections.  We have added OligoMix (a pool of DNA oligonucleotides of user defined sequences in a tube) and various specialty microarrays containing RNA, LNA, thioates, and other types of modified oligonucleotides to our product list.   We will be able to delivery peptide/peptidomimetic chips and PNA microarrays and services soon.  We offer the capability of real time monitoring of the assays on these specialty microarrays to significantly extend the use of the array tools to a broad range of applications.  We actively involved in development collaborations with a number of leading industrial and academic laboratories in their customized applications.  



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