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Atactic Scientists Publish on Nature

Atactic scientists describe a significant technology advancement in gene synthesis on Nature



Scientific Publications

Technology and Application Articles

Articles describing various aspects of Atactic technologies and their applications

   • Gao, X., Yu, P. Y., LeProust, E., Sonigo, L., Pellois, J. P., and Zhang, H. (1998) Oligonucleotide synthesis using solution photogenerated acids. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 120, 12698-12699.

   • LeProust, E., Pellois, J. P, Yu, P., Zhang, H., Srivannavit, O., Gulari, E., Zhou, X., and Gao, X. (2000) Combinatorial screening method for synthesis optimization on a digital light-controlled microarray platform. J. Comb. Chem. 2, 349-354.  [abstract]

   • Pellois, J. P, Wang, W. and Gao, X. (2000) Peptide synthesis based on t-Boc chemistry and solution photogenerated acids. J. Comb. Chem. 2, 355-360.  [abstract]

   • Leproust, E., Zhang, H., Yu, P., Zhou, X., Gao, X. (2001) Characterization of oligodeoxyribonucleotide synthesis on glass plates. Nucleic Acids Res. 29, 2171-2180.   [abstract]

   • Gao, X., LeProust, E., Zhang, H., Srivannavit, O., Gulari, E., Yu, P., Nishiguchi, C., Xiang, Q., Zhou, X. (2001) Flexible DNA chip synthesis gated by deprotection using solution photogenerated acids. Nucleic Acids Res. 29, 4744-4750.   [abstract]

   • Pellois, J. P., Zhou, X., Srivannavit, O., Zhou, T., Erdogan, G., and Gao, X. (2002) Individually addressable parallel peptide synthesis on microchips. Naure. Biotechnol. 20, 922-926.  [abstract]

   • Rouillard, J. M., Lee, W. Truan, G., Gao, X., Zhou, X. and Gulari, E. (2004) Gene2Oligo: Oligonucleotide design for in vitro gene synthesis. Nucleic Acids Res. 32, W176-180.  [abstract]

   • Zhou, X., Cai, S., Hong, A., Yu, P., Sheng, N., Srivannavit, O., Yong, Q., Muranjan, S., Rouillard, J. M., Xia, Y., Zhang, X., Xiang, Q., Ganesh, R., Zhu, Q., Makejko, A., Gulari, E., and Gao, X. (2004) Microfluidic picoarray synthesis of oligodeoxynucleotides and simultaneously assembling of multiple DNA sequences. Nucleic Acids Res. 32, 5409-5417.   [abstract]

   • Srivannavit, O., Gulari, M., Gulari, E., LeProust, E., Pellois, J. P., Gao, X., Zhou, X. (2004) Design and fabrication of microwell array chips for a solution-based, photogenerated acid-catalyzed parallel oligonuclotide DNA synthesis. Sensors and Actuators A. 116, 150-160.   [abstract]

   • Tian, J., Gong, H., Sheng, N., Zhou, X., Gulari, E., Gao, X., and Church, G. (2004) Accurate multiplex gene synthesis from programmable DNA chips. Nature 432, 1050-1054.    [abstract]


Review articles

Review articles describing the scientific fields relevant to Atactic technologies, products, and their applications

   • Gulari, E., Gao, X., and Zhou, X. (2003) “Light directed massively parallel on-chip synthesis of peptide arrays with t-Boc chemistry”. Proteomics 3, 2135–2141. [abstract]

   • Gao, X. (2004) “In situ parallel synthesis of addressable peptide microarrays” in Proceedings of the 7th China Peptide Symposium. Peptides. Biology and Chemistry. Eds. Du, Y-C., Zhang, Y. S., and Tam, J. P. Shanghai Scientific & Technology Publishers. pp. 29-33.

   • Gao, X., Pellois, J. P., Kim, K., Na, Y. , Gulari, E., and Zhou, X. (2004) “High density peptide microarrays. In situ synthesis and applications”. Molecular Diversity. 8, 177-187. [abstract]

   • Gao, X., Gulari, E., and Zhou, X. (2004) “In situ synthesis of oligonucleotide microarrays”. Biopolymers. 73, 579-596. [abstract]



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