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Specialty Microarrays

OligoMix™: Oligonucleotide Mixture


Product Description                                                                                       

    OligoMix™ enables experiments at a genome-scale.

    Mixture may contain up to 3,918 customer specified sequences.

    Sequences can be synthesized up to 90 bases. 

    Product delivered in single stranded format.

    20 pmole delivered.

Wide Variety of Applications

    Construction siRNA or shRNA libraries as expression vectors.

    As a template for making a large number of siRNA.  The template may be inserted into vectors.

    Gene Synthesis

    Microarray Analysis and SNPs Analysis

    Multiplexing PCR. 

Save Money

    Less than $0.18 per sequence.

    More than one-hundred-fold* cost reduction as compared to the oligonucleotides made by conventional synthesis process.

    With this fundamentally reduced cost OligoMix™ enables genomic applications that involve the use of very large number of oligonucleotides.

    The cost comparison is calculated based on per-base price of average commercial high-throughput synthesis using 96 or 384 well plate formats. 

Easy Ordering

    Download the Excel Order File template (if you already have the template, you can skip this step).

    Fill up the Order File with your order information and oligo sequences (up to 3,918 sequences).  Save the Order File using a file name YYMMDD##_Organization.xls, where YY is year (e.g. 04), MM is month (e.g. 08), DD is date (e.g. 20), ## is the serial number of the date (e.g. 01), and Organization is the your organization name (e.g. MD Anderson).  

    Email your Order File to sales@atactictech.com.

    Our customer service personnel will contact you by email to confirm the receipt of your order.

    Within ten (10) business days you will receive your order shipped through FedEx Standard Overnight.

OligoMix™ Product Specifications

Product Description:

The package contains multiple strands of DNA oligonucleotides (Oligos) of your design

Number of Oligos:

From 100 to 3,918 different sequences

Oligo Form:

Single Strand (SS)


Regular order up to 90-mers; longer sequences are possible*


5’-OH, 5’-phosphate, 5’-OR*, 3’-OH, 3’-OX (X is a chain terminator)


One fmol to pmol per sequence


Unusual DNA base incorporation


Less than $0.18 per sequence


10 business days or faster**




*  For special requests or a quote please contact us:  sales@atactictech.com or (713) 664-8189

** The price calculation is based on an order of 3,918 sequences of 25 nucleotides per tube.



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