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Specialty Microarrays

Specialty Microarrays

Atactic Technologies provides specialty microarrays based a proprietary µParaflo™ microfluidic technology platform.  The various oligonucleotide sequences containing modification residues, RNA, 5'- or 3'-end labelings are in-situ synthesized directly on chip.  These specialty chips can be purchased at a fraction of the cost for spotting arrays and have a quick-return around time.  There have been a wide range of applications reported for their applications (see below).  Please contact us for your needs support@atactictech.com.

Specialty Microarrays and Application Examples

Microarray Type

Application Examples


RNA oligonucleotides

·     Aptamer screening of high affinity binding sequences

·     Antisense oligonucleotide binding arrays

·     Protein/peptide-RNA binding assays

·     Profiling of RNA-DNA and RNA-RNA interactions


Phosphorothioate oligonucleotides

·     Antisense oligonucleotide screening

·     Profiling binding with proteins


Duplex DNA sequences

·     Probing DNA-protein interactions (transcription factor chips)


Modified oligonucleotides

·     RNA modifications such as 2’-F and 2’-OMe oligos for novel aptamers and antisense sequences

·     Methylation modification of nucleobases for probing interactions of these sequences with other biological molecules; effect of modification on the properties of the sequences as substrate of enzymatic reactions

·     O- or N-methylation of nucleobases for investigation of base pair properties of mutagenic sequences


5’- or 3’-labeling

·     Fluoro-dye or biotin labeling at selected sites as signal references in quantitation by relative intensities of probes and targets

·     Thiol, amino, and biotin labels for further modifications of the oligonucleotides on chip

·     Phosphorylation enabling of ligation


5’ to 3’ reverse synthesis

·     Primer extension for SNP detection

·     DNA Sequencing


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